Is Susitna-Watana Hydro the only renewable energy project the State is pursuing?

No. Although Susitna-Watana Hydro is essential to achieving Alaska’s 50 percent renewable electrical energy goal by 2025, the state needs to pursue all renewable energy sources. Each type of energy source brings different benefits that will help Alaska diversify its overall energy portfolio.

The Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) administers the Renewable Energy Fund, legislation that placed Alaska at the forefront of funding for renewable energy in the United States.  To date, more than $234.7 million for 277 renewable energy projects has been approved. In 2013, 13 million gallons of diesel and natural gas equivalent were displaced.

In 2012, the Alaska Legislature reauthorized the Renewable Energy Fund for another 10 years, providing additional funding for renewable energy projects statewide.

AEA is working to maximize the benefit from all sources to meet the state’s future energy needs.