Construction of the Susitna-Watana Hydro

Construction of Susitna-Watana Hydro will require various facilities to support construction activities, including a temporary construction camp, permanent employment facility, transmission and a permanent airstrip.

The peak direct-workforce is anticipated to be 800-1,000. The permanent operation and maintenance crew will be much smaller, and housed in the permanent facilities.

During construction a temporary construction camp will house on-site workers. After construction, the Alaska Energy Authority plans to remove most of the camp facility, leaving only those aspects that are to be used to support the smaller, permanent residential and operation and maintenance facilities.

Construction staging areas will likely be constructed either near the community of Cantwell, or along existing Alaska Railroad stops in Chulitna, Cantwell or Gold Creek. New sidings would be constructed so that off-loading and transfer of goods and materials would not interrupt Alaska Railroad passenger and cargo service.

Other site facilities include contractor work areas, site power and communications. Power and fiber optic cabling will follow the transmission route(s) or the access road itself.